Traveling to the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands

Conference Venue

The 24th Annual APIPA Conference will be held at the Saipan World Resort Hotel. Please visit the hotel’s website at for more information. Book your stay at the Saipan World Resort the week of the conference and take advantage of their special discount of $100.00 per night.

To make reservations with the APIPA discount, please contact Mike Babauta at

Local Markets

For fresh and locally-grown fruits and vegetables, visit the local markets open every Tuesday nights and Saturday mornings:

  • Tuesday Night Market is located in Garapan Fishing Base across the Kristo Rai Catholic Church, and the
  • Sabalu Market is located in Susupe across the CNMI Judiciary and is walking distance from conference venue.

For a wide variety of international cuisine and live entertainment, visit the Garapan Street Market open every Thursday nights at the Garapan Fishing Base.

Hotel Accommodations

When making hotel reservations, please ask for the local or government rate and be sure to bring your government ID when you check into the hotel. It is also best to visit their online website for special promotions or discounts.

Aqua Resort Club San Roque (670) 322-1234
$180.00 + 15 percent tax
Aquarius Beach Tower Hotel Chalan Kanoa (670) 235-6025
1 bedroom $118.00 + 15 tax
2 bedroom $152.00 + 15 tax
3 bedroom $210.00 + 15 tax
Century Hotel Garapan (670) 233-1420
$55.00 + 15 percent tax
Fiesta Resort & Spa Garapan (670) 234-6412
$120.00 + 15 percent tax
Gold Beach Hotel Garapan (670) 235-5501
$55.00 to $65.00 + percent tax
Hafa Adai Beach Hotel Garapan (670) 234-6495 $90.00 - $135.00 + 15 percent tax
(promotion ends 9/30)
Hyatt Regency Saipan Garapan (670) 234-1234
$140.00 + 15 percent tax
Kanoa Resort Susupe (670) 234-6676
$70.00 + 15 percent tax
Marianas Resort & Spa Marpi (670) 322-0770 $125 + 15 percent tax
Pacific Islands Club San Antonio (670) 234-7976
$125.00 + 15 percent tax
Saipan World Resort Susupe (670) 234-5900
See above for special rate
Summer Holiday Hotel Garapan (670) 234-3182
$45.00 + 15 percent tax

Car Rental Listings

Please see below for a listing of car rental companies, rates, and contact information. Please be advised that all rentals picked up at the airport are subject to a 10 percent Airport Concession Recovery Fee.

  1. AVIS
    Special Conference Rate:
    Nissan Sentra/Toyota Corolla $55.00/day
    Nissan Altima/Toyota Camry $65.00/day
    Nissan Rogue/Hyundai Tucson $79.00/day<
    Nissan Quest 7 passenger $85.00/day
    Airport: (670)288-2847
    Fax: (670)288-4848
    For International Reservations: 1-800-331-1084
    For USA Reservations: 1-800-331-1212

  2. Hertz Rent A Car
    Special Conference Rate:
    Compact $35.00/day
    Midsize $44.00/day
    SUV $ 85.00/day
    Mini-van $85.00/day
    * Room and Car packages are available for the Aquarius Beach Tower Hotel, Fiesta Resort & Spa, Century Hotel, and the Summer Holiday.
    Click here for additional information.

    Airport: (670) 234-8336
    Main Office: (670)288-0042/234-7141
    Main Office Fax: (670)288-7930

  3. Alamo/National Rent A Car
    Government Rate: $39.00 to $85.00 per day
    Airport: (670)288-4401/288-8338
    Fax: (670)288-4402

  4. Budget Car Rental
    Regular Rate: $60.00 to $89.00 per day
    Airport: (670)234-8232
    Fax: (670)288-3347

  5. Islander Rent-A-Car
    Government Rate: $35.00 to $110.00 per day
    Airport: (670)234-8233
    Main Office: (670)288-0373
    Garapan: (670)233-2643/5252
    San Antonio (Across from PIC): (670)234-5031
    Fax: (670)288-0389

  6. Thrifty Car Rental
    Government Rate: $40.00 to $99.00 per day
    Dandan (Airport pick up available): (670)234-8356
    Main Office: (670)288-0299
    Fax: (670)288-0298

Additional Resources

For additional travel information on the CNMI, please visit the Marianas Visitor Authority.